Sing to Silent Stones: Violet's War

Sing to Silent Stones: Violet's War cover

By David Snell

RRP: £8.99

Binding: paperback
ISBN: 978 0 9934 3534 8
Page size: 198 x 129mm
Extent: 576 pages

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The first part of David Snell's epic tale of love and war (Part two Sing to Silent Stones: Frank's War will be published in 2017)

Sing to Silent Stones chronicles the tale of unmarried mother Violet and her son Frank. After surviving many moving and harrowing experiences as a nurse in World War I, Violet is reunited with Frank, whose childhood friendships are tested with dramatic and unexpected results as he grows up in the Loire Valley.

Providing new insight into the lives of those who endured and survived both World Wars, Sing to Silent Stones is a gripping and haunting two-volume family saga that will leave you gasping for breath.

What readers say about the book

“You won't be able to put it down. Full of twists and turns” 

Sarah Helen Sheldrick

“One of the most evocative books I've read in years”

Jason Orme

“Really gripping from the start, a roller-coaster…”

Charlotte Hipwell

“Absolutely engrossing”

Bruce Bendall

“An excellent reminder, if one was needed, of the futility of war”