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Carl Mason

Biography of Mark Fitch, writing as Carl Mason

Born and raised in Lincolnshire, Mark went on to study Business Law at what is now Huddersfield University. He qualified as a solicitor in 1994 and has practiced within the courts, primarily in London and Norwich, ever since. He has also, since 2005, practiced as a mediator in commercial and other claims. 

Mark forged the idea of what was to become his debut novel, The Chant, over 15 years ago. It grumbled and skulked in his literary belly for a decade or so, fed only by the occasional scribble on a notepad. Just over 4 years ago, the intrigue of what this story could look like became too much to bear; and so the writing began, initially in secret. Only when the word count reached 30,000 did he mention this to anyone. 

Two years later, the first draft was completed. Since then, various edits and the forging of a relationship with Hornet Books have resulted in The Chant being ready for sale. 

Outside of the office and writing, Mark “enjoys” golf and sings in a rock and roll band. He is married with one son.


Carl Mason Bibliography:

The Chant by Carl Mason

Carl Mason

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