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Martin Downham


The author of Remind Me to Smile has spent all his life in sweet suburbia on the fringes of South West London, where his passion, naturally, is music. Martin has been a member of several ramshackle bands over the years, most recently We Fear Change where he has sung, played guitar and even co-written a few toe-tappers.

Martin has also contributed photos and articles to various music publications, including the rather wonderful Rock Atlas series of books. He is blissfully married to Vicki and has two young sons, along with a huge collection of vinyl and CDs, an attic full of vintage Marvel and DC comics and a garden full of stray – but very well fed – cats.

Encouraged by the response to his Gary Numan-inspired memoir, Martin is currently hard at work on a new novel tentatively titled On Any Other Day.


Martin Downham Bibliography:

Martin Downham Remind me to Smile

Martin Downham

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