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Book Summary

JAMES STACK: Ex-captain Special Forces, a tough, intelligent, risk taker, figured out that if you want to rob the Bank of England you don t go through the front door, guns blazing. You don t tunnel up through the floor either. You don t climb through windows, lower yourself on a harness, screw around with the computers, fix the security cameras, or play Twister with invisible Laser beams. You don t do any of that stuff because it won t work. That s why gold has never been stolen from the vaults of the Bank of England. They ve got every angle covered... Except one.

The result is a tense, wild ride on a runaway train, barely clinging to the tracks. A huge confidence trick, the search for retribution and the quest for a massive pay-day. A fun and constantly surprising crime caper. 


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What do other readers say?

  • Bangk! is an amazing holiday read. I couldn't put it down - there has to be a movie. Fantastic!
  • Hard to put down. Beautifully written, researched and the characters are brought to life as the fascinating plot unfolds.
  • Exciting debut. The plot is believable, the pace constantly builds, and the crescendo is un-put-downable.
  • Wow, James Stack and co. are definitely owed a sequel.
  • Fantastic read, Well written, with great characters, fast moving and full of action. LOVED IT!!
  • I challenge you to read the 80-word synopsis and not get your hands on a copy.

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