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Book Summary

Life is perfect, but not for long. James Stack is broke - again. He is forced to sell his only asset to any villain in the Caribbean who won't kill him for it. That's the easy part....

His big problem is how to guarantee a shale gas drilling operation in the UK doesn't fail. At first it s only about money. Then it becomes deadly. Deep underground, the directional drilling systems have been hacked - saboteurs have a new, hidden, target! Dormant for hundreds of years, a massive geological fault is about to get a catastrophic wake-up call, sending powerful seismic shock waves towards a nearby major city.

The countdown has begun. In 25 days they start to frack! 

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What do other readers say?

  • A good novel should be exciting and absorbing...and that, having read Frack! twice now, is a starting point for this recommendation. 
  • What a brilliant follow-up to Bank! The twists and turns made several long reading sessions unavoidable! Unbelievable!
  • 'Frack!' certainly didn't disappoint. Once again Mark has crafted a thrilling page turner, ingeniously plotted, extensively researched and rich in characterisation. Roll on the next one!
  • Very enjoyable, good characters and although a fictional story made me think what could happen!! Must be good just bought BANGK!
  • The plot involves a gripping countdown to disaster. Edge of the seat stuff. Well done Mr Wesley.Frack! will surely be a movie one day.

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