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Book Summary

The second novel in the acclaimed and hugely popular Sing to Silent Stones saga is both a gripping love story and a harrowing commentary on the futility of war.

In the conclusion to Sing to Silent Stones: Violets War, the illegitimate son of Violet Balfour had inherited his step-fathers chateau and factory in France. The second part of this epic family drama begins in 1939 and follows her son Frank through his extraordinary experiences before and during service in the French Army and the RAF.

His childhood bond of friendship, forged with Gunther, a German boy, Pierre-Luc, a French lad, and Marcel, a Jewish boy, stretches through to young adulthood, and is tested by the sometimes horrific and extraordinary experiences they share throughout World War II. The emotional drama is magnified by the young women, Lizzie and Annette, in Franks life and the continued presence of his mother, Violet, and his extended family, on both sides of the channel.

Compelling, vividly written, poignant, engrossing, evocative and unputdownable, are just some of the words used by readers to describe the first Sing to Silent Stones novel.


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What do other readers say?

  • Sing to Silent Stones: Frank's War is quite simply an outstanding follow-up to the unforgettable first novel, Violet's War, with more intriguing, harrowing and wonderfully descriptive passages throughout.
  • The manner in which the author sweeps you along with the tumultuous events of the time, yet leaves you personally involved and intrigued by the characters described is amazing.
  • Couldn't wait to read Frank's story as violet had me hooked in the first few pages, David Snell didn't disappoint!
  • Another triumph from David Snell! Sing to silent stones Franks War is every bit as captivating as Violets war, following the twists and turns of Franks life up to and during WW2. 
  • Having read the author's first book, I rushed out to get the next one. I was not disappointed; David Snell picks up the pace from where he left off and thoroughly engages the reader in the action. I'm waiting for the next one.

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