Introducing 'Muddy Water'

Book Summary

Leslie Markland is a loner who winds up living on a barge with his little dog Harry by the Essex river estuary in Wivenhoe. Cruelly denied his inheritance by his less than loving father, Leslie sets out to gain revenge by creating an heir to his former home on the Markland Estate in Yorkshire.

But just when Leslie is tantalisingly close to securing his revenge, his plan threatens to unravel when a damaging climax ends in a prison sentence. Leslie has plenty of time on his hands to contemplate his actions.

Was he morally right to do what he did? How could the events that unfolded as a consequence ever create a happy ending? As his time spent at Her Majesty s pleasure drags on, Leslie puts pen to paper and tells his extraordinary tale.

MUDDY WATER sold out its original print run in 2018 when it was the subject of a reprint. 

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What do other readers say?

  • This is a quirky and very enjoyable romp. I love books that paint characters. Here, the author uses each character to tell the story from their viewpoint.
  • I read this on a tip-off from a friend and really enjoyed it; a real page turner that I read in two sittings.
  • Loved the characters and intriguing story line. I could visualise the scene being a local. A good read, will definitely buy the next book.
  • I saw good buzz on "Muddy Water" on Amazon.UK, so I took the plunge, and I am so glad I did. It's more of a thriller rather than a mystery, but it has the constant shifting tension and wondering what is going to happen next like a good mystery does.
  • I loved being part of Neil Watson's quirky world for a while.

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