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Shelley Hull’s inspirational memoir is a story about growing up as a young girl with facial disfigurement, daring to wish that someday she’d live a normal life and fit in. It records the journey of a timid, shy child with no self-confidence or worth, experiencing the world of modern medicine, maxillofacial surgery, and setbacks around every corner. The eventually successful surgery included more than 20 operations, the most challenging endured during Shelley’s teenage years. 


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The extremely rare condition led to almost unbearable facial disfigurement and hearing loss which became the subject of one of the case studies in St Thomas’s Hospital consultant Derek Henderson’s Colour Atlas and Textbook of Orthognatic Surgery – The Surgery of Facial Skeletal Deformity. These days Shelley is a confident survivor who seeks to inspire others with her story of hardship, hope and perspective.

As she says towards the end of her book, “scars are on my face and body, but not in my heart”.

  • SHELLEY will be published on May 23rd 2019 

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