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Book Summary

Will Taylor is a 35-year-old college lecturer. His rather ordinary working and private life is thrown into turmoil when an unbelievably beautiful new female recruit joins the teaching staff. His best friend Dominic usually wins the ladies but on this occasion Lisa instantly makes it very clear that it is Will that interests her.

A hot blooded relationship dictated by Lisa ensues, thrusting Will into an erotic ride of unimaginable sexual pleasure and extreme pain. Lisa's roleplays, explicitly described, become increasingly dangerous. Her actions are clearly not safe, consensual or even sane. An attempt to end the relationship only leads to more misery when a staff night out ends in a violent incident. Did Will really try to kill Lisa or were her injuries self-inflicted?

What is clear is that the DI in charge has every desire to nail Will, by fair means or foul. In his gripping debut novel, Carl Mason takes Will through the harrowing prosecution process which builds to a climax as the trial progresses. When Will needs a good lawyer he luckily finds the very capable Jackie.

Only at the very end does a supercharged climax reveal where the true power rests.


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What do other readers say?

  • This is a brave, bold, and compelling debut novel which follows the story of Lisa and Will; specifically their intense sexual relationship, and its aftermath.
  • Found this book by chance and what a book... Loved every moment from the start. Hope to read more from this author.
  • This really is an excellent read with plenty of exciting twists and turns.
  • An excellent read, difficult to put down, a real success for a first book and looking forward to the next.
  • Great read! Kept my interest right to the end.

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