Introducing 'The Tapes of Wrath'

Book Summary

About gangsters, perverts and decapitation and dreams coming true with deadly consequences. About Adam Tate, once critically acclaimed author, hopeless husband and fair-weather father, whose infatuation with the extraordinary Kate Lyle destroys his life and then his soul.

After the discovery of a bizarre triple killing, it’s left to DC Tom Evans to unravel the twisted Tate family mystery.

A series of incendiary recordings, immortalised as the Tapes of Wrath, bring some kind of closure, but Adam Tate’s mother of a mid-life crisis turns out to be the stuff of Kubrick’s nightmares . . .


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What do other readers say?

  • As gripping as anything you'll read this year - Amazon
  • Superbly weird and wonderfully complex”- Little eBook Reviews
  • Fill the hole left by Breaking Bad. Dig in here - Vive Le Rock
  • A perspective-shifting, line-blurring blast of a book - Vive Le Rock
  • Twinkling and teasing with sex, drugs and shock 'n' roll - Vive Le Rock
  • A brilliant, sexy, debauched crime thriller - Amazon

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