Introducing 'The Unlikeliest Backpacker'

Book Summary

You reach a certain age. You have a lifestyle many would envy. Still, something doesn't feel right. Life has become routine. You sense there is more out there to experience and explore with an urge gnawing away inside to do something different. But what? Before you know it, plans have snowballed - you've quit your city job and flown to America to begin life living in the wilderness, walking hundreds of miles with no income. 


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'The Unlikeliest Backpacker' chronicles a British couple's absurd journey as aspiring long-distance hikers.  

With Canada hundreds of miles away, they must learn to backpack and survive on the famous Pacific Crest Trail. How hard can it be? Kathryn Barnes' entertaining memoir proves you don't have to be special, or an experienced adventure junkie to put your life on hold, disconnecting from the modern world. Pushing personal boundaries beyond the predictability of daily routine can have surprising consequences. 

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