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Book Summary

SING TO SILENT STONES is a remarkable saga based on a good deal of fact researched from the author s fascinating family history. David Snell was born at the close of the 2nd World War to parents who were both wartime pilots.

As a boy the exploits of daring do fired his imagination. As a young man, a changing world led him to question the morals and ethics of war. But maturity brought him the understanding of the commitment that his parents, and so many others, had made and the beliefs and certainties that governed their actions.

The story within SING TO SILENT STONES: Violet s War (the first of two volumes), is largely fictional but it does, nevertheless, incorporate very many true tales from David's, and his wife Linda's, family.

It explores the changing attitudes to the roles of men and women and the issues of illegitimacy. It begs the question as to how and why friendships across the divides of nationality, race and religion can survive in a world in conflict. And it weaves these stories within the context of the true happenings of the period.


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What do other readers say?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this novel in fact I couldn't put it down. It shows how family and close friendships are affected through two world wars.
  • Excellent story. Thoroughly enjoyed reading a book which had a good plot and characters. Cannot wait to read the next one star rating 5!
  • A very long book, but you won't be able to put it down. Full of twists and turns. Fantastic book. Well worth a read.
  • I haven't read an historical novel for a while and after reading Sing To Silent Stones I'll be trying to read more of them as it's a perfect example of how great this genre can be. 

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