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Writing a novel can be a daunting proposition, even frightening. And getting published can be like climbing a mountain. Not everyone makes it to the summit. There are many ways you can publish yourself. If you take the DIY route, good luck. It can be a very rewarding experience to see a book through from start to finish. But if your book is good enough, shouldn't it have the best possible help to make the biggest impact?  Hornet Books can't guarantee authors a best-selling debut, but we can guarantee the best support and best possible platform to deliver success. 

At the heart of what we do is author mentoring. Observing, commenting, suggesting - we work closely with our authors to make manuscript as good as they can be.

We are also mighty proud of the covers that wrap round our books. And when it comes to promotion, we have a proven track record of bagging press interviews, features and BBC radio author appearances. Proofreading, editing, printing - we've got those covered too. 

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